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What To Eat When On The 5:2 Diet

Anyone who has tried the 5:2 diet and stuck to it will know the amazing and near immediate benefits it can have on your body and mind. For those of you who are new to the latest big trend in dieting, 5:2 is a based around the concept of eating what you want for five days out of the week and then sending your body into starvation mode for the remaining two days.

One of the reasons the diet has become so popular is because it basically allows you to eat whatever you want for those five days of the week and how many diets can claim to let you eat all the ice cream and cake that you want whilst still seeing benefits?

The practice of fasting is one that has been around for a long time, whether used in religious practice or protests. But it was only in 2013 that a new idea of fasting was introduced, intermittent fasting. It has since become a widespread success and is even being regarded as a weight loss wonder. Imagine if you have struggled to stay consistent with diets that really limit what you eat every single day, any slight slip up can make you inclined to give in to it altogether. Therefore the idea of eating whatever you usually do for five days of the week makes this diet one that is not only much more inviting but also one that is much more realistic to the average person.

Dieters are advised to consume a normal amount of calories on their days off, no more than they normally would and you don’t have to particularly cut back on what you eat unless you are usually way over the recommended number of calories. Then on the remaining two days, which don’t have to be consecutive, you can only eat 500 calories is you are a woman or 600 calories if you are a man. The results speak for themselves though and you can expect to lose around 1lb a week or even more depending on how much weight you have to lose.

Another great incentive of the diet is that you can eat whatever you want on your fast days providing you don’t go over the calorie count. Of course what you will soon realise is that if you don’t replace unhealthy foods with fruits and vegetables then you aren’t going to be eating very much at all throughout the day! To keep you on the right track of getting the most out of the limited calories, here is a list of some smart meal options,

A boiled egg and asparagus (90 calories)
Yoghurt, plum or nectarine and almonds (264 calories)
Watermelon slices

Beetroot soup with crème fraiche (116 calories)
Mozzarella salad with spinach (159 calories)

A fillet of salmon with slices vegetables (327 calories)
Vegetable stir-fry with chicken (320 calories)
Turkey burgers with fresh salsa and corn on the cob (333 calories)

Be Healthy And Choose Wholegrain

Anyone who chooses white bread over a wholegrain truly isn’t doing themself any favours! It has long been known that whole grains offer us much more fiber, minerals and nutrients than refined grains and this therefore makes them not only the healthier choice when it comes to bread but also for a host of other food staples, including pasta, cereals and rice.

A lot of us know that whole grains are better for us than other options but couldn’t actually say why that is. Well it’s because whole grains contain all three layers that the seed would naturally have – the fiber-rich bran, the endosperm, and the nutrient-dense germ. What differentiates this from refined grains that create white bread etc. is that removing the bran and germ, obviously giving you less of the grain and therefore less nutritional value.

The benefits of opting for whole grains over their alternatives are numerous. Research has found that regular consumption of these grains has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. It is also believed to be beneficial to weight loss and helping maintain this because the high fiber content creates the feeling of being fuller and this helps subside hunger pangs. Never has the expression ‘fuller for longer’ been more relevant.

As for the nutrients that can be found in whole grains, these are numerous. From a variety of vitamin B’s that help give you energy you need from your food and regulate your mood. To vitamin E, zinc and niacin, all of which help to improve your eye health, such as reducing the risk of cataracts and slowing the progression of vision loss. These vitamins also help to keep you skin in tip-top shape and looking beautiful.

Magnesium is also present in a lot of whole grains and is believed to be very beneficial to people who struggle with migraine and PMS, if its true then it’s a pretty nice way to fight off a potential headache! It is also great in helping those who are at risk of type 2 diabetes or who have high blood pressure.

Whole grains can be introduced into your diet in a variety of ways and there are a lot to choose between and all of which offer slightly different benefits. Here are a few of our favourites:

Barley – it is a high-quality carbohydrate that will give you a good amount of fiber, an absolute necessity for a healthy diet. Barley also has a lot of vitamin B6, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Did we mention it’s great in juice too?

Bran – the hard outer layer of a grain that holds the vast majority of its fiber. Diets that a rich in good fibers such as these are perfect for aiding weight loss and having a healthy lifestyle in general.

Brown Rice – an easy one to incorporate instead of white rice. Brown rice maintains the nutrients and fiber that are removed when making white rice…enough said.

Are You Guilty of Overcooking Cabbage?

When I think of cabbage I get a throwback image of having a roast dinner at my grandparents house and tucking into some pale but relatively tasty boiled vegetable…that vegetable was cabbage. Now it seems cabbage has taken a bit of an unfair fall from grace and it seems to be neglected by modern homes almost entirely.

Cabbage comes in all sorts of varieties and colours; it is a naturally vibrant vegetable but is often boiled within an inch of its life until it becomes a flavourless, mushy mess. Unfortunately we are doing it a disservice and there are plenty of ways to cook cabbage to get the most out of it. Here are some of our favourites.

Um…Don’t Cook It
If you struggle with cabbage cooking times and your partial to the odd cooking mistake then one of the best pieces of advice when it comes to cabbage is to simply not cook it at all. It is a foolproof way to ensure that you get the most nutrients and colour from the vegetable! Yes most of us are used to having raw cabbage when it is being drowned in mayonnaise, but there are plenty of other recipes and methods to add raw cabbage to your diet without all the added salts and sugars that coleslaw gives.

One of the most basic ways to do this is to finely shred the cabbage and a few other raw vegetables like carrots and create a more healthy and natural dressing with lemon juice and olive oil. It is an incredibly simple side to make and it adds some nutrition and crunch to a meal.

Now to the cooking methods that require cabbage to be cooked! We all know that cabbage is a staple for the majority of stirfrys and it only requires a quick flash for a few minutes in the wok. This way you are making the cabbage slightly tenderer than it would be raw but you are also keeping a lot of its nutrients locked in too.

Cooking cabbage in water can be a tricky affair but as with the majority of vegetables, less truly is more. The trick is to check often for doneness! Don’t be afraid to pull a bit out and give it a quick taste, it’s a sure fire way to tell whether the cabbage is cooked without having to rely on guesswork. The key is to cook the cabbage so its edges soften but it keeps its raw edge in the centre, this way you’ll avoid having a mushy mess.

Braising cabbage is a personal favourite of mine and all it requires is a knob of butter and a few minutes to let the taste infuse. Simply pan fry the cabbage and feel free to add any seasoning or other vegetables to it. Cook the cabbage to your preferred tastes, we like ours with a bit of golden brown on it and then add it to your favourite Sunday roast dish.

The Beneficial Effects Poultry Has On Your Health

Poultry is responsible for a large amount of our daily diets and we are lucky it has quite a few health benefits to it. From the egg that starts it all to chicken and turkey, all are rich in protein and have a variety of benefits that will make you want to incorporate them more into your diet. It is fair to say that poultry gets a bit of a bad reputation thanks to the fast food industry, but all this should do for you is deter you from eating unhealthily and also learning more about how the produce we eat is looked after and cared for.

Here we have compiled a list of some of the real benefits that having poultry in your diet can have and why it offers a good replacement to other meats like beef and pork.

Just as chicken meat is, eggs are an excellent source of protein and they are literally a staple food and ingredient in a lot of cooking. They contain both B vitamins and selenium, making them a great way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and even migraines! The bulk of the protein is in the whites and the nutrients in the yolk, however the yolk is also where the majority of the calories are as well as a source of vitamin D. To make the most of each part people tend to have omelets that use several egg whites and just one yolk. Raw egg is also used in a lot of home remedies for hair and is a cheap way to give yourself a pamper session.

Chicken Breast
Chicken is the staple of many people’s meals. The chicken breast being an amazing source of lean protein and this not only makes it the perfect choice for those seeking to build muscle but also fro those looking to lose weight. In regards of its benefits, chicken breast is believed to be a method preventing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. There are also a host of other benefits that a lot of people won’t be aware of past the point that it is high in protein. Chicken breast contains selenium, an antioxidant that helps to maintain healthy skin and joints, B vitamins that can help prevent cataracts and zinc, a mineral that helps prevent muscular degeneration. Be sure to remove the skin though and don’t go for it deep-fried!

Making your own chicken broth is a great way of providing a base for sauces, soups and stews. We all know how good chicken soups is said to be for you but try to make your own rather than opting for premade tinned soup as they can be high in sodium. Broth can also be bought from shops but also bear this last point in mind too.

If you are looking for an alternative to chicken then turkey is just the one. Often neglected entirely till Christmas time, turkey is generally a cheaper alternative than chicken and this makes it ideal for larger families. Lean ground turkey has plenty of health benefits from not only being a high source of protein but also like chicken it aids in weight management and treating cardiovascular disease. Turkey bacon, whilst rare in the UK (unless you visit a butcher) is a healthier alternative to traditional pork bacon!

Is Our Packaging Spoiling Our Food?

We are all aware that the amount of packaging used to protect our food ha dramatically increased over the years. I myself tend to find that preparing one meal often results in my recycling bin being almost entirely filled. This excessive use of food packaging consumes huge amounts of our earth’s resources and there is also a debate that chemicals from the packaging can actually harm us.

Whilst there are those who believe plastic can release harmful toxins into our food, it seems there is more of a growing concern that contamination from packaging is actually ruining the flavour of our food. If your food is left in packaging for too long then it can absorb some of the materials flavour, below or the effects that different materials can have on your food and drink.

One of the most notable effects of plastic flavouring our foods is with water. If you have ever refilled a plastic bottle a few times or drunk from an opened bottle of water that has been lying around for some time then you will definitely pick up on some plastic taste. Why this often occurs is because of the “four enemies of food packaging”, these enemies are light, oxygen, time and heat. All of which can add up to chemicals being released into our food and drink and for the plastic to actually degrade.

There is the belief that if your water tastes like plastic then this can be very harmful to you but research has shown this might not mean that harmful toxins have been released into the product itself. The plastic taste is less of an issue with food, though it can suffer from sweating!

Cardboard and paper packaging is a method of packaging that is said to be all but a joke, as they allow almost any chemicals through to affect the food. For instance, if you were to have soap next to a paper bag filled with food then the chances are that the soap’s volatile compounds would pass over.

If you are getting a metal taste from some of your food it doesn’t necessarily mean you are eating the stuff. Metal is in fact very complex and although you may be getting a metal aroma from food you aren’t actually “eating” metal. It’s like if you were to hold several coins in your hand quite tightly, you will find it gives off a metal aroma from reacting to your hand and sweat. Though it should be noted that metals are a big contributor to affecting flavours in food.

Glass is a wonderful storage solution and is considered to be the safest and best material for preserving flavour. You will never taste a ‘glass-like’ flavour…unless you were to attempt to eat the glass itself. This is often why a lot of people prefer to use used glass jars for storing food than Tupperware, which is quite a good and cost effective idea if you think about it.

Look Attractive With The Best Beauty Parlour Chennai

Beauty is always the inner self, though it is equally important to look beautiful from outside. It gives a person confidence as well as self-esteem. When you know you are looking good or attractive, it will be easier for you to clinch attention of others in parties or other social events. It is obviously a great feeling to be the center of the attraction of a social gathering. In order to beautify yourself, in somewhat non-conventional way, you can try giving a visit to professional Beauty Parlour in Chennai. From hair makeover to nail arts and pedicure, you shall get all sorts of beauty services, along with party makeup or bridal makeup solutions.
Since beauty is a combination of inner self and outer appearance, you need to have a fresh and calm mind along with charming or jovial attitude to look beautiful, attractive and confident. At Beauty Parlour in Chennai, all natural and skin friendly products are used for makeup and beautifying your overall look or appearance. Along with general beautifying services, spa and massaging services are provided so that you look refreshed or rejuvenated. It is always important to feel confident. This is what you shall get at the beauty parlours in the city of Chennai.

Perks Of Mattress Shopping Online

The busy life that people are used to nowadays does not allow them to spend their time lavishly. They are to sacrifice many of their pleasures in order to earn for their living. When it comes to shopping, it works as a great stress reliever among women, but they are not able to go directly and shop to their heart’s extent due to the time that is spent in moving from one place to the other. This has made online shopping a great success as people do not have to move in order to shop. They can order any product that they want right from the comfort of their own place be it office or their home. Only an internet connection and a PC or Smartphone will do the job for them. They also have a wide collection of products in these online stores. So the customers can choose from a wide range of best products. To make sure that they choose the right mattress shopping online, they can even go through the many reviews that are posted by the other customers who have purchased the same product in the past. This will give them a confidence in the product they purchase.

Effective Body Massage Services In Pondicherry

In spite of having so many salon and spa centers in the city, people prefer to visit the same salon is just because of the quality of service. The services offered to the clients and hotel guests are exceptional in all ways. The best place for a Body Massage Centre in Pondicherry. You will be assured of safe treatment and massage at the end of theday with more relation to body and soul. There is a special treatment designed for themind and body relaxation and is available for different time segments for the individuals.

Peaceful body massage:
The method of amassage to the body is uniqueto the professionals of the center. They first clean the portion of the body with green oil that will release all stress and tension in a human body. Once the body is washed with oil, the massage process starts with the medicinal leaves and other lotion. The face and skincoveredinform a maskare made of mud which is very natural to the human body. The entire package comes at a reasonable cost and guests can avail it through advance booking option from the official website of the hotel.